A PGPX student must appreciate his heterogeneity and carve his own niche


He attended a one-year executive programme in general management at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Jodhpur University in 1992. Started his career with Ashok Leyland, before moving on to SRF Finance and later Citibank in 1997. In 2009, he quit Citibank to join the course, after which he joined Au Financiers.

His MBA story goes as follows :

The course gave me a holistic overview of business. The syllabus prepares you to think of an end-to-end strategy for a business and implement an action plan for the strategy. After the course, I went back to the same job profile, I was doing the same task as I was doing in the last 17 years very differently. And trust me, people in the organsation that you return to do take note of that agile thought process thats the end product of the PGPX process

The brand IIMA has its own rub-off effect. It enhances your credibility and leads to enhanced expectations from you in the organisation. Your candidature for complex projects is considered more seriously. If you can meticulously execute those, it raises your stature to a different pedestal. He cited the example of Citi where eventually he took the challenge head-on and executed a Rs 1000 cr+ securitisation deal single handedly.

The 1 year journey is a fantatsic time for self exploration and learning in the classroom and reading the rich academic content in the case mats, an opportunity that we would never get again in our lives. He cited instances of rich academic experiences with the likes of Professor DVR Seshadri. He reiterated that beyond the hype and hoopla surrounding placement and networking bthat capture one’s attention ina B-school, eventually its the enhanced skillsets that you take back to the corporate world that matter.

Salaries eventually would grow invariably and the x times growth numbers would be in place if we took care of the underlyong processes.
A PGPX student must appreciate his heterogeneity and carve his own niche. He was unlike a 24 year old MBA student who was more homogenous an offering for the corporate world, willing to be moulded in the way they wanted. Here there was a history and uniqueness of work-ex which really can’t be ignored.One must realise that and exploit the richness of his work ex to the optimum.

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